Our Services

We are committed to provide you with exceptional service. As experts in our field, we offer waste and environmental services tailored and personal to your Municipality/Corporation/Business/ Home. We have been supporting and looking after various municipalities’ and private firms’ waste.

Setting up Micro-compost centre

Micro Compost Centre revolves around the recycling and reuse of the wet waste collected involving aerobic degradation as the principle for converting them into manure with the help of microbes. The manure produced is rich in nutrients and is used for home gardening and agricultural purposes.

Plastic Recovery Centre

When plastic waste are thrown most of them end up in oceans where they breakdown to form micro-plastics ending up in food chains or in landfill sites, being there for years and release toxic gases. In our plastic recovery centre, all the plastic wastes are segregated, recovered and recycled, as most kind of plastic can be recycled.

Recycling service

Nothing is waste uses proven technologies to simplify and streamline recycling for our customers. Our recycling waste stream experts works with your team to identify your goals then builds an action plan around reduction, recycling, and reclamation opportunities. We make on-site collection simple for your organisation.

Rag pickers programme

We rag pickers promote other rag pickers to find a healthy lifestyle and benefits which they are deprived off, also help them find the actual respect for their deeds. The amount of waste recycling is promising only due to their patience, perseveranceand hard work.

Donate books, receive a new book

This is done to promote the recycling of the books and papers from the majorly paper consuming firms,i.e. schools and colleges.Recycling and reusing of books would conserve our plant resources as well eradication of the waste which would be transferred to landfill sites causing difficulty in disposal.

Waste audits

Nothing is waste works with you to align your sustainability goals with an actionable plan for continual improvement. We utilize waste audits to better understand what opportunities you have for improvement and track actual results. We start with understanding your goals, then we proceed with waste audit to measure and track your results from the source and till the end of the process.