Our Products

Organic Shredder

Shredders are an indispensable component of efficient and cost-effective operations in the recycling and waste management industry. The purpose of organic waste shredder is to make it competent for further processing of the waste for manure production or biogas plant. These shredders make the organic wastes into smaller particles, making it easier for further processing.

Plastic shredder

Plastic shredders play a key role in plastic recycling plants and production facilities. It offers several benefits in addition to processing plastics that are used as raw materials for other products like storage containers, toys, packaging bags, and consumer electronics. Plastic shredders not only help with size reduction, but also with recouping plastic waste.

Plastic shredders are designed for shredding a wide variety of plastics and so, they vary from low speed to moderate speed with high torque and come in varying specifications and blade sizes.

Banana leaf shredder/ Banana trunk shredder

Banana is one of the most grown plant species in Indian subcontinent; once they flower they no longer produce second fruit. Utilization of the trunk rich in nutrients can be done as feed for cattle or as manure or for the production of biogas with the help of shredder or crusher. We offer you with the best shredder in various sizes and designs to get the best output for your needs.


We use conveyors for segregation of the mixed municipal solid waste into different categories for further processing, mainly for organic waste and plastic recovery centre.Conveyors have the capacity to transport any heavy material and last long.

Baling machine

Baling machine is designed to compress material in bale for easier storage, transportation and handling. We compress together all the segregated plastic materials form our plastic recovery centre and stop them from ending up in landfill sites.

Dust remover

Dust Remover is used to reduce dust or contaminants from the plastic waste cover. It is specially designed machine to blow the light material alone and rest of the heavier material are settled down on the collection deck.

Sanitary napkin incinerator

Disposal of sanitary napkin is most tedious process as it consists of layers of permeable and impermeable material. Sanitary napkin incinerator is for instant disposal in a scientific and hygienic way and completely burns the napkin. The ash generation is very low and recovered ash is collected in an ash collection tray. This has the capacity to destroy bulk amount of napkin.